Bookmark manager and bookmark organizer software


I've always been looking for the way to make my bookmarks portable. Bookmark Navigator is exactly what I need. A simple and smooth-running piece of software. Good job!

I was so tired of my "so-hard-to-find-anything" bookmark menus, so I installed Bookmark Navigator that solved my problem fluently. It took 15 minutes to structure the links for the first time, and now it has already saved me hours!
Jeffrey B.

I didn't use browser's bookmarks much as I always considered them too be an awkward way to open sites. Scrolling through infinite menus got me frenzy! But Bookmark Navigator has changed my mind - it provides a completely different approach, much more convenient.
Laura Sierra

For my work I have to use 3 different browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome. All with different set of bookmarks. Synchronizing them manually took hours! Finally, with Bookmark Navigator I can forget about this nightmare.
Linda S.

The software provides an easy way to store, organize and search through bookmarks from three popular browsers - exactly what I was looking for. It looks good, it works fast, it costs low. What else to say?

Guys, you're genius! Your Bookmark Navigator is a dream! It's sooo easy to organize my bookmarks now, I've never imagined it could be that way. When I need to find something I simply type it - and there it is. Love it!

I must admit, at first I wasn't impressed. With all those overpowered tools all around, Bookmark Navigator looked very simple. But soon I realized that its power comes from its simplicity:
Barbara Rand

I've been mad for years (I mean it!) trying to find an easy way to move my saved links between my work station and my home laptop. Your tool is great, no strings attached!