Portable bookmark manager and bookmark organizer software

Put bookmarks on any USB storage device: fash drive, iPod, etc.
Use your favorites and bookmarks everywhere, even on a computer you've never used before !
Synchronize favorites and bookmarks across multiple computers and browsers
Automatically find and remove duplicates and bad links
Instant bookmark search
All major browsers supported: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Portable Bookmark Manager

Whould you like to have internet bookmarks on hand wherever you go ? This is what portable bookmark manager does. It puts all your internet bookmarks on a flash drive or another portable device, making the bookmarks portable - you can access them on any computer even on the computer you never use before.

Portable bookmark manager is not the only solution, you may choose to use online bookmarking services. But would you like to login to your account from unsafe place like internet cafe ? I don't think so. Moreover, think about privacy - with portable bookmark manager it's under your control.

And the last but not least - usability and comfort. Offline bookmark manager is not limited to browser capabilities and can bring you more convenient and user-friendly interface.

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Version Information

Current version: 2.2
Supports: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7


I have to use 3 different browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome. With Bookmark Navigator I can forget about this nightmare !
Linda S.
I always wanted to collect all my bookmarks in one place, and now I have them all on the flash-drive in my pocket.